2019-2020 Weibo and WeChat summarize. (update 2020.3.21)

About Weibo:

  • Address: https://weibo.com/dinghuqiang
  • Name:OneNote_MVP .
  •  fans number: about 10000 ,than last year’s growth of more than 5000 user.
  • Weibo number:8500,than last year’s growth of more than 1700 ,made more than 100 gif animations for OneNote tip.
  • Headline articles:15
  • Service user group:College students;Bar Qualification Examination; postgraduate examination; Civil service examination;Teacher.
  • for about 3150 user Solve the OneNote problem  in private Message .

This is my comprehensive post answering questions, which has been read more than 300,000.

This is an example of a video teaching published on March 28th, retweeted 200times in less than a day, with more than 120,000 readings.

Screenshots of some private tweets on Weibo(update 2020.3.21)

About WeChat

As a result of the decline of Blogs, the rise of WeChat public Subscriptions in China,I Registered the WeChat public Subscriptions in October last year.

  • Named : MSOneNote.
  • Articles : In just three months, 33 articles were written,.
  • Followers:  nearly 3200,Followers are growing fast.
  • Part articlesTemporary links:

screenshot of WeChat public platform:

Create 3 OneNote User WeChat groups. Solve the problem for more than 1000 OneNote users.

This is a record of the visit until March 20, 2020, and the screenshot is placed here because the link to the WeChat public article may be invalid

Screenshot of WeChat Public article